Top 100 Running Blogs for 2012

It’s 2012 and its time for yearly wrap up posts and some predictions.

This year I’m doing something different and revealing the Top 100 Running Blogs you should be following in 2012.

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I’m a running nut (just check out my Twitter name) and spend a crazy amount of time reading other people’s excellent running adventures. These are my go-to places for Coffee-time reading.

Check them out. I know a number of the Blog owners personally and we keep in contact. If you run one of these great Blogs and we haven’t chatted yet, then feel free to say hello. Oh yeah, you can also add one of my “Top Running Blogs” badges to your sites – You’ve Earned Them!

Top 100 Running Blogs

100.  Eat Live Run. Part of the reason I love to run so much is that it gives me that little extra flexibility with my diet. And I LOVE food. This blog combines my two passions!

99. Run Eat Repeat. Again, eating and running combined. Monica knows her stuff!

98. Run Bulldog Run.  The British Bulldog just can’t stop running! Read about his adventures.

97.  Raul is Running. Great insight into the world of a runner, with all the motivations, music and mulling over that comes with it.

96.  One Step at a Time.  A candid look into her running adventures.

95.  Run Courtney Run.  Organized look into her busy schedule with some sharp wit.

94.  Baby Weight My Fat Ass.  An inspiring journey, honestly shared.

93.  Gotta Run Now.  Veteran of over 11 marathons passes on her tips and recipes.

92.  Running on My Time.  Shares her running experiences in an informative way.

91.  Words to Run By.  Awesome story that educates as well as entertains.

90.  25 Before 25.  Great blog that makes you want to keep reading. 25 things Christy wants to do before she turns 25 – running a marathon is just one of them.

89.  Science of Running.  Passion and science intertwine in this exceptional blog.

88.   Her Name is Rio and She Runs.  It’s personable but also informative, which really works.

87.   Hungry Runner Girl. Thoughtful and interesting articles about races and diet – with the odd treat thrown in!

86.   Recover Your Stride.  This guy is so passionate about running stride and injury prevention!

85.   Hurt Hawaii.  Ultra running in Hawaii brings you astonishingly beautiful photos and an insight in to a unique community.

84.  The Boring Runner.  Not boring! This guy produces funny and informative articles that will brighten up your day.

83.   Run Infinity.  Dates and details of marathons worldwide are available on their calendars, as well as interesting articles.

82.   26.2 Quest.  Great insights into running form, and also an intriguing personal journey.

81.   The Happy Runner.  Helpful running advice presented in a really fun way!

80.   Dirty Running.  Awesome photos and very witty posts.

79.   Runners Blog.  Barefoot running and thoughtful posts.

78.  Runners Rambles.  Fascinating story of one person’s journey from non-runner to run-fanatic.

77.  Liz Runs DC.  Detailing the highs and lows of training, and balancing all the pressures of modern life.

76.   Moms Home Run.  Advice, product reviews and personal insights, all presented in a beautifully humorous way.

75.   Just a Mile to Go.  Offers running tips whilst promoting fundraising for a great cause.

74.   Midwest Multisport Life.  Trail running and ultra running give this blog an adventurous feel – along with some great training articles and personal insights.

73.   Running with Attitude.  Offers us an insight into her journey towards her goals.

72.   Two Motivate.  Exceptionally well written articles that you can really relate to.

71.   Pooch to 5k.  Brilliant concept of getting both humans and canines fit!

70.   Quadrathon.  Fantastic detailing of one man’s journey from marathons to 50ks to ultras to ironman triathlons.

69.   Jog Blog.  The trials and tribulations of one woman’s journey back to marathons.

68.   No Limits Ever – The Running Man.  Awesome articles providing great advice and enthusiasm.

67.   The Running Laminator.  I love this guy’s passion when in comes to running and leading a healthy lifestyle – an example to us all!

66.  Jogging Jeans.  A blog dedicated to those folks who love running in jeans – brilliant!

65.   Running Bury Blue – Running in Suffolk.  A true gent takes us through the English countryside using his camera and a spot of running.

64.   Run DMT.  Mom on the run takes us through her training journey and race reports.

63.   The Studly Runner.  Team I love the way she writes, and her outlook on life.

62.  Tri Running – Steven’s Triathlon Station.  Triathlete who gives great detailed insights in to his races and training.

61.   Down East Running.  Committed and long standing member of the blogging community brings you his story.

60.  Run Westchester.  This guy has a great way of presenting his experiences and snippets of advice.

59.  5ks and Cabernets.  A combination of light hearted writing style mixed with detailed stats and insights into his running.

58.  Shut Up and Run.  Candid and honest account of a mom’s experiences with running.

57.  Run Zoe Run.  Offers and giveaways coupled with a light hearted and entertaining style of writing.

56.  Simon Says Run.   This guy is hooked on running!

55.  Endurance Isn’t Only Physical.  Inspirational story of perseverance that is ongoing.

54.  Cross Country Express.  Fun and friendly blog dealing with various disciplines of running.

53.  365 Ultra.  This ultra runner has so much fun visiting places – the photos are awesome!

52.  Fabulous Running Mommy.  Incredible story and devotes so much time to a good cause.

51.  Tall Mom on the Run.  Prolific blogger and runner with lots to say.

50.  Tired Mama Running.  A ton of well written and informative posts.

49.  Lil Runner.  Advice for running through, and after, pregnancy. Great nutritional advice too!

48.  A Case of the Runs.  Writes about her running experiences gives tips on products.

47.  Trail Running Blog.  Trail runner with a penchant for endurance events.

46.  Runners High.  Fun videos and fun style of writing.

45.  Moore on Running.  Amazing story of a guy who just can’t sit still – he’s always active!

44.  Running is Mental.  Thought-provoking posts about what flows through the mind of this spiritually minded runner.

43.  Jessica is Getting Fit.  Colorful blog with Informative articles, with tips on nutrition and lifestyle.

42.  A Bold Pace.  Positive attitude is reflected in articles about music, lifestyle and exercise tips.

41.  Muddy Runner.  He keeps going from strength to strength.

40.  Tales of the Runner.  Breathtaking pictures document the progress of this ultra runners journey.

39.  Jessica Deline – Running is a Journey.  Energizing and focused runner cannot help but motivate you.

38.  My Reason to Tri.  Her reason to run is fundraising for a great cause. Follow her journey.

37.  My First 5k.  This has a community feel to it, as she interacts with her fellow bloggers.

36.  Top Running Tips.  Inspirational and motivational articles that we can all relate to.

35.  Amys Running Life.  I love here honesty!

34.  Radical Running.  One man’s journey with running and dealing with the injuries that inevitably affect us all.

33.  The Prince George’s Running Club.  Long standing running club with an awesome sense of community.

32.  That Girl is a Running Fool.   Entertaining style of writing with a whole lot of experience in running.

31.  Run Denise Run.  Personal trainer with a ton of energy, ready to provide you with her experiences and tips.

30.  Break Heart Trail Running.  Fascinating accounts of a truly experienced ultra runner.

29.  Its Just One Foot in Front of the Other.  She’s been doing so much running, and all whilst balancing family life.

28.  I Have Run.  Honest and open accounts of her personal and running life.

27.  Run for the Bikini.  Shares great advice about diet and training.

26.  Resurrected Runner.  Years of experience give his posts real depth.

25.  Ultra Princess.  Fantastically fun and colorful blog with great adventures documented with awesome photos.

24.  Daily Vitamin F.  Frequent giveaways and honest articles offering solutions to health problems.

23.  Miss Zippy.  Invests so much time in sharing her experiences of running for everyone’s benefit.

22.  Run to the Finish.  Great outlook on life – including running! She also promotes races and good causes.

21.  Run Faster Mommy.  Has such a positive outlook on life!

20.  5 Miles Past Empty.  Shares a ton of her experiences in a really personable way.

19.  Yummy Running – Morning Runner.  Discusses the highs and lows of those early morning starts.

18.  Feet Meet Street.  His posts are hilarious!

17.  A Trail Runners Blog. Ultra runner who loves all outdoor events provides insights, interview and advice.

16. Run Longer – An Ultra Runner’s Blog.  Excellent blog! The articles are exceptionally well written, bringing to life feelings that we all experience in running, and in our normal lives.

15. Andrew is Getting Fit.  Inspiring story tracking the one man’s journey from morbid obesity to running marathons. He provides encouragement and information for others wanting to follow his incredible example.

14. Cant Stop Endurance.  Awesome posts giving great insights into training, gear and nutrition from one of the foremost authorities in the running blog world.

13. Nathan Veldhoen.  A running enthusiast with a love of photography. As you can imagine, some of the photos and videos are out of this world!

12. Mile Posts.  Dedicated to sharing her running and coaching experiences for everyone’s benefit.

11. How 2 Run Fast.  Thirty years worth of marathon running means this guy knows what he’s talking about!

10.  Fumbling Towards Endurance. Stunning pictures tell so much of the story of Geoff and his ultrarunning experiences across the beautiful snowy mountains of the world.

9.   Run Blogger.  Useful tips and advice for those of use that strive for an active lifestyle whilst staying healthy and injury free.

8.  Miles and Madness.  A raw and to-the-point blog, detailing all the pressures of training and modern life.

7.   Brandon’s Marathon a.k.a IronBrandon.  Super switched on guy who competes in triathlons and endurance running, giving us his experiences and tips through podcasts.

6.   Complete Running.  Wide ranging site with awesome articles for the beginner and expert.

5.   Half Fast.  Motivational videos, product reviews, and reports from races. What more could you want?

4.  Endurance Basecamp.  Online community dedicated to helping you reach your performance goals.

3. NC Runner Dude.  Has some awesome graphics, infographics and videos to keep you informed in a fun and engaging way.

2. Old Man Running.  Inspiring story of a 76-year-old “geezer” that still pushes himself in the discipline of distance running. Reading these inspiring stories will also teach you a thing or two about running form, technique and training.

1. Run Blog Run.  A fantastic source for all the goings on in the running world. It’s my favorite running blog and has pride of place in my RSS Reader feeds.


So there you have it. An incredibly long list of just the finest Running blogs out there. Bookmark this page and come back whenever you need some good old fashioned inspiration.

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