The Most Epic Movie Running Scenes Ever

When you’re going for your daily run, it might not always feel to impressive. In fact, when you’re sore, blistered, panting, and worn out, you might not feel very cool or flashy at all.

To help deliver a little inspiration for you to feel like the champ you really are inside, we’ve collected some of the best running scenes from Hollywood movies in most recent few decades.

Next time you’re feeling like you’re out of wind while running your same route, just close you’re eyes, and imagine you’re running in one of these scenes. We bet you get a few extra minutes or meters out of your run, with how cool they’ll make you feel.

Rocky III – Beach Training Scene

Nothing shows progress and passes time in a film like a montage, and this is one of the best ones out there. Need a pump up before your run or your workout? Apollo Creed and Rocky are training together to prepare Rocky for his upcoming fight with Clubber Lang, and throughout the workout sequence, there’s a slow motion beach sprint. A whole lot of rippling muscle and intense facial expressions pass, as Rocky barely beats Apollo Creed in their beach footrace. It’s a pretty epic sprint, made all the more enjoyable by 80’s hair and the slightly awkward celebration at the end. Certainly one of the all-time greats.

Casino Royale – Parkour Construction Scene

If you’re not familiar with Parkour, you need to be. It’s basically creative running that employs a full body workout, and near-miss after near-miss, sliding through small spaces and across gaps. There’s also a big vertical element to it as well, climbing up easily, or falling down quickly, across big spaces. That said, the opening to Casino Royale is an amazing demonstration of this type of running. A high speed chase through an in-progress construction site leads to banging metal, blowtorches, and high-intensity for the spy of all spies: Bond. James Bond.

Bourne Ultimatum – Morocco Parkour Scene

We couldn’t have just one Parkour scene, because, well frankly, it’s just too cool. This scene from the Bourne Ultimatum is set in Morocco, and is a three-way chase between Matt Damon’s character, Julia Stiles’ character, and the assassin who’s set to kill them both. Thin streets, lots of window jumping and precarious hallways makes this one a real thriller, as they run fast-paced and free throughout the city, essentially trying to kill each other. It also ends in one of the best fight scenes of the whole trilogy. So it’s a win-win all around.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas Running

ÒKeep breathing! That’s the key! Breathe!Ó Sound familiar at all to you? Something anyone who’s ever run for any amount of time has probably said to themselves at least once. The second film of a classic contemporary epic trilogy, this film opens with these three men chasing the Hobbits. If that means nothing to you, you have to see the movie. Carrying gear and running over hill and dale, to chase down their friends.

Ong-Bak – Tony Jaa Chase

Ong-Bak is a film that has made people for a long time, raise their eyebrows and say, ÒWhoa.Ó Jaa is an action star among action stars, and anyone who’s scene this film wouldn’t even begin to disagree. The scene opens with a gang of about 20 men setting after Jaa and his two friends. Sprinting through market streets and dodging barbed wire, hot oil, other humans, and doing flip after flip and jumping over and under cars, you’re going to love this scene. Just don’t try to do Jaa’s moves on your daily run. Because you’re not Superman. Well neither is he. But after watching this, you’ll think he’s close.

Point Break Keanu – Reeves vs. Patrick Swayze Footrace

This classic film gives us a classic car chase, followed by a classic foot chase. Couldn’t get any better, right? FBI agent Keanu Reeves witnesses a bank robbery, and proceeds after the robbers. Obstacles consist of humans, bikes, trucks, flaming gas stations, dogs, and women with golf clubs, as Reeves sprints after Swayze on foot through residential neighborhoods to try to catch the thief. It’s an epic and exciting scene from an all-time great film. Watch the whole thing if you can.

Last of the Mohicans – Mountain Chase

The end of this movie is pretty epic, and you should be old enough to watch an R rated film, because it’s relatively bloody, but it’s an amazingly thrilling final scene to a film. It’s a rescue and a chase, mixed with mountain climbing, gun fire, and more. Since it’s the final scene of the film, we’ll say no more for those who don’t want any spoilers out there, but it’s won way to many awards for you to have not seen it. Do yourself a favor!

The Big Lebowski – The Dude’s Dream

This is without a question one of my all time favorite films, and if you’ve never seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so. The Dude get’s drugged Jackie Treehorn’s home, and The Dude proceeds to… well, trip out. In his dream it’s a combination of bowling, babes, (now dead) dictators, and the Nihilists chasing him in red body suits with gigantic scissors. And when the dude wakes up, he’s sprinting down the middle of a road, with the cops behind him. It sounds weird right? You kind of have to see the film. But do it. You’ll laugh at least once, and probably way more than that. I promise.

Platoon – Willem Dafoe chased by VC to Adagio For Strings

This an intense one that might give you some chills. It’s also one of the most memorable in the film. After the platoon is rescued, they realize they’ve left one man on the ground, and they proceed to watch him run away from the VietCong soldiers chasing him, and there’s basically nothing they can do. It’s a tough one to watch, but people do run for lots of reasons, and those reasons aren’t always happy and flowery. Another all-time great film, if you’ve never scene it.

North by Northwest – Jimmy Stewart Chased by Airplane

The scene opens with an ominous quote: “That’s funny. That plane’s dusting crops where there ain’t no crops.” Famous last words before someone get’s chased down by a single engine plane, right? This classic Hitchcock film features one of the best running chase scenes, as Jimmy Stewart does his best to run like hell before he gets machine gunned down by the crop duster plane that’s pursuing him. Between running and hitting the ground, you think he’s just about run out of luck, before Stewart takes the chase into a cornfield. No spoilers, but this scene has some pretty amazing explosions for coming out in 1959. Give it a watch.

Men in Black – Will Smith Chases Alien Around the Guggenheim

At the very beginning of the film, Smith is an NYPD agent who gets taken on a wild ride through the city be a seemingly inhuman evader. Okay. Spoiler alert. His evader isn’t human. He’s an alien. But you probably knew that already. A mix of Parkour, comedy, and pure running stamina, this chase scene is an awesome way to start a film, that hooks you in immediately.

Well that’s it folks. We probably missed a great running scene or two, but these really are some great ones.

Next time you need a dose of inspiration or motivation, take a quick glance at one of these scenes and hit the pavement. And maybe one day, you’ll end up in the movies too…

Have I missed any great running scenes?


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