Stop wasting your time with “free” marathon programs.   Save dozens of hours of your free time over-training and save yourself hundreds of dollars in personal coaching fees.

Dear Fellow Marathoner in training,

If you’ve got your heart set on crossing that marathon finish line still running, posting a dominating time without having sacrificed your personal life along the way and maybe even have enough energy left to smile for the camera… then keep reading!”

I’m a father with loving family and a full time job…. so I know how challenging it is to fit tough training around valuable personal time.

Let’s face it, training for a marathon is daunting, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro.

Hundreds of beginners have finished their first Marathon.

Check out a few of my happy former Marathoners in training:

Are you on a “Time Budget”?

Training is so much harder for those of us who aren’t running marathons professionally.  You don’t have the luxury of all that time to train.  You’ve got full time jobs, families, friends, and other responsibilities.

The thought of getting out of bed at 4a.m. for a 2 hour run, followed by a warm down, nap, lunch and a full days training simply isn’t possible.  Sure, pro athletes can do it, but that’s their job!

Your job is to balance all the things in your life that are important to you.  I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories of strained relationships, neglected families, and job losses that results from some people’s crazy obsession with reaching their marathon dream.

This happens because they mistaken believe that you have to spend all your time on the road, pushing through “the wall” to improve your fitness.  Not True!  What they should have known, and what you should know, is that the secret to marathon training, is to run less…

You Can Actually Run Less and Perform Better

Many so called experts will just tell you to train harder and break through the “pain barrier”. I’ve lost count of the number of students that have come to me with this problem when they have stalled in their training.

What they never had was a clear, detailed and personal plan, that would help them through their barrier. If they had, they would have found that the way through the barrier is LESS running!

That’s right, and I’m here to tell you to stop listening to those drill sergeant types, and instead reap the benefits of achieving MORE from less training – Smart training!

Train Smart – and keep your Free Time!

I'll be your personal coach!

Hi, my name is Rick Kimbal. I’m a veteran marathon runner, speaker and multi-published author with over 15 years’ worth of marathon experience.

I have designed my training plan alongside some of the best coaches in the business, to bring you this revolutionary new system, and help you conquer your personal goals!

My philosophy is to “train smart”, not to train harder and harder like some coaches would have you do. Varying your training with different exercises puts LESS strain on your body, and actually means you can afford to train LESS!

You’ll benefit from ALL my Experience!

I’ll let you into a little secret… I wasn’t always a runner! I only took up running well into adulthood, and I can tell you I wasn’t in great shape. I started off with just jogging and then started running in 5ks and…

I was hooked!

So I read books, articles, consulted with coaches, triathletes and even yoga instructors! I put together a revolutionary new training system, incorporating elements of cross training, power, endurance and agility.

I put my plan into action and WOW did I see an immediate difference! Not only was my running much faster than it had been before, I was safely injury free AND I was putting in less hours into my training, allowing me to spend more time with my family!

I was ASTONISHED with the results.  And you will be too.

You’ll Take the Guesswork out of Training

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been constantly updating and improving my training system to MAXIMIZE results and MINIMIZE training time.

I have to thank all my great students at this point as, without them, I wouldn’t have amassed all the knowledge that I am now able to pass on to you, marathoner to be.

Most of the students that I have worked with over the years had the exact same problems that I’m sure you are struggling with:

  • the motivation to stick to your training
  • finding the time to fit training into your busy life
  • wondering if you are training too much or too little
  • annoying injuries that interrupt your progress and frustrate you
  • weight and body fat problems

Most of my students were making the same mistakes I did, they followed some of the hack free advice out there and just went out and ran and ran. Sure, that can work for short distances, like for a 5k run, but for a marathon, planning and perfect execution is crucial!

It Doesn’t Have to be that Hard!

Use my system to help break the marathon challenge down into manageable pieces, so you can tackle each piece one step at a time. I’ll tell you now, using the run-at-all-costs haphazard approach simply will not work for you!

Marathon training is hugely challenging, and pushes you to the absolute limit! There are a number of risks with using ineffective and unplanned training techniques which more often than not will lead to injury and failure!

What You Need to Know for Marathon Success

It’s tough for you to gather enough GOOD information about how to train effectively and safely. There are so many basic facts that you must know before you start training, in order to stay safe, healthy, and at peak fitness!

  • You must know your body, and how it responds to exercise, or else you could risk serious health problems!
  • You must know how much is too much too soon! You have to pace yourself, be patient and follow a plan. If not, you’ll lose motivation and you’ll risk injury!
  • Forget about spending day after day running miles and miles aimlessly! Vary your workouts, use all your body’s main muscle groups to achieve a lean and strong physique.
  • You must monitor your body composition and track cardiovascular fitness improvement.  You’ll look great and feel great!
  • You must use a program to eliminate these risks. It will help you pace yourself, you won’t have to worry about too much or too little training, and it will give you the variety necessary to build your body into a marathon machine!
  • Whatever you do, don’t waste your time worrying about how much running you should be doing! It is just as important to rest mentally as it is to rest physically. Do your workouts and relax.

What “Free” Plans Don’t Tell You

I suppose any training plan is better than no training plan. But not all plans are created equal.  And sometimes there are hidden costs associated with “FREE”.

While it may be easy to download and print the first plan you find online, its worth knowing what you may be missing out on.

A training plan has to offer you more guidance that just simply telling you to exercise for a period of time. Without explaining what is involved in your workout, you run the real risk of over or under training.

Not only that, it’s really de-motivating to be training without any idea how well you’re progressing or if you’re on the right track to success.

It may cost you nothing to print off this plan but you’ll end up wasting hours of your valuable time trying to figure out if you’re doing it right and running hundreds of unnecessary miles.  Add in the inevitable trips to the doctor’s office or sports massage clinic and your free plan starts to look a little more expensive!

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for!


Here’s How You’ll Achieve Marathon Dominance

Here’s What’s Included in your Marathon Training Program

  • 18, 20 and 26 Week Plans for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Yes, that’s right – 3 plans in one! You can start out slow and seamlessly move up a level if you need more challenge
  • Contains step-by-step progressive training instructions with detailed daily workouts. It’s like having your own personal coach 24/7
  • It tells you exactly when to train, at what exertion level, and for how long so you do all the training you need, and not a MINUTE more
  • It takes all the guesswork out of training, so you’ll know what you should be doing all the way to race day!
  • Every day’s workout is planned for you. You don’t need to waste any of your valuable free time planning
  • Each exercise is explained in easy to follow detail in the Guide and Drills Handbook
  • The Training Plan progressively gets tougher and has in-built rest and recovery periods so you avoid common overtraining injuries
  • The running drills and technique sessions will make you a more efficient and faster runner getting you to the finish line faster that you ever imagined
  • Specific recovery and taper periods to allow your body to recover for optimal performance when it counts
  • Learn the Periodization of Training secrets utilized by the world’s top professionals
  • Work through the Six Periods of Training to unleash your hidden potential
  • Train within specific training zones to maximize your training
  • How to use perceived exertion levels to effectively monitor your workouts
  • Methods to monitor your body composition and track cardiovascular fitness improvement
  • Learn how to run more efficiently and faster
  • Free, unlimited updates

How much does the System Cost?

Have you ever thought about how much your marathon will cost you? Here’s a pretty conservative example:

Running Shoes (2 pairs) $350
Race Entry Fee $150
Running Clothing $200+
Monthly nutrition supplements 6 months @ $30
Race nutrition $15

It’s crazy to think that so many people will spend nearly $1000 on marathon preparation, but fail to make the most important investment of all: their training!

How about some one on one coaching?

Personal coaching is expensive! I occasionally take on clients for personal coaching sessions. I used to do this a lot more, but in recent years I have cut back on my individual coaching. I charge clients $1000 per month for two sessions a week and I’ll let you in on a little secret: I use this very training program as the basis for my one-on-one work!

That’s great news for you. You are getting all the benefits of a customized $1,000 per month training program for a fraction of the price!

But Wait, That’s Not All

Order TODAY and receive these amazing free bonuses. This won’t be available for long as I’m republishing these great guides separately very soon!

The Strength Training Guide

Value: $23.99. Yours FREE if you order today

  • The secrets to improving performance by up to 10%.
  • Become stronger and faster – discover the benefits of strength training for athletes.
  • Protect yourself from injury and develop explosive power and speed.
  • Supplement your specific marathon training for improved technique and shorter recovery times.
  • You will slim down. Replace fat with lean muscle.
  • Avoid the risk of ‘bulking up’ with excessive weight.
The Core Strength Training Guide

Value: $29.99. Yours FREE if you act fast!

  • Develop deep inner core strength to protect your lower back and keep you out of the Doctor’s office.
  • Improve your flexibility to make yourself ‘injury proof’.
  • Learn the techniques that the experts use to make you a faster runner.
  • Revealed – how to get long, lean muscles, ideal for distance running.
  • Learn the secrets to functional fitness to keep you running.

That’s over a $50 value, free to you if you buy the Marathon Training Program today

Even though this system took me over 15 years to design and perfect with countless clients and input from a range of fitness experts, you can grab the entire system for the discounted price of only $47 $37 – and you can get it instantly! No waiting for processing or shipping. You can be using this system just 2 minutes from now!

My Rock Solid Better than Money-Back Guarantee

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Marathon Training Program works – it’s that simple.

And I’m so confident you’ll be happy with the results that I personally Guarantee them.

Drop me an email at any time (Support[@] and I will personally refund 100% of your money.   No questions asked.  And there’s no time limit – you can ask for a refund in a month, six months or even in two years time!

That’s right – you’ll achieve all your goals – finish the race, knock minutes off your time and record your best ever time or I’ll give you your money back.   And you can keep the Training System!

You won’t find another product that will guarantee your success like this!

How can you give such an open Guarantee?

Aren’t you worried people will take advantage of you?

To let you in on a little secret, after offering this 100% Money-Back Guarantee for the last 18 months, we’ve had no one trying to ‘game the system’!  What’s more,  the feedback we’ve had is nothing short of amazing – just check out the dozens of Testimonials I’ve been sent! It just goes to show that marathoners to be like you are awesome people!

  • Marathon Training Schedule – You get the entire easy-to-use Training Program to finish, faster – a $47.00 value.
  • The Guide and Drills Handbook – You get the detailed explanatory notes that accompany the Training Program and the Drills to improve your running.
  • Bonus #1 – You get the Strength Training Handbook – a $23.99 value.
  • Bonus #2 – You get the Core Strength Training Handbook – a $29.99 value.
  • 100% Guarantee – Best of all, your satisfaction is backed by my 100% money-back guarantee.

That’s over a $100 value all for just $47 $37

P.S. Your time is Priceless!  You can look all over the internet and trawl through countless books to find bits and pieces of Marathon training info. But you could spend hours and hours looking for that silver bullet.

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