10 Low GI Snacks That Taste Delicious

For those that don’t yet know, GI stands for Glycemic Index. This is a medical term that reveals the speed at which carbs will break down in your digestive system to create Glucose, which is the main fuel source for your entire body.

Foods that are digested quickly have a high GI and foods that are digested slower have a low GI. Pure Glucose has a GI rating of 100, and all foods are rated against that. High GI foods have high GI numbers (closer to 100) and low GI foods have low numbers (closer to 0).

Many people seek out low GI snacks, because they give you fuel that lasts, instead of fuel that you’ll burn up right away, and then drag or be hungry again right afterwards.
You’ll feel full longer, which will help you eat less, and be best for dropping some pounds, and giving sustained energy to your workout. We’ve put together ten great snacks with a low GI to keep you going throughout your day.

1. Yogurt

Give yourself a great dose of calcium, and a quick and easy snack. Best for when you’re home, since it needs to be kept cold, but a quick serving of yogurt will fill you up and add some good flavor. Be sure it’s low fat though!

2. Orange Juice

A great mid morning or mid afternoon pick me up, a glass of orange juice can be just the thing you need to get your energy levels up without sacrificing weight gain. High vitamin C levels and the ease of being able to drink it on the go, or keep it in a bottle, makes this a great choice.

3. Oats

Steel cut oats with some almond milk in the morning has long been one of my favorite snacks. A low GI but tons of protein to really leave you feeling full in the morning, when you want to feel like you’re set to tackle your day. Porridge or just oatmeal can also be great choices.

4. Fresh Fruit

Cherries, plums, or grapefruit are all great examples of food that’s packed with nutrients and still hang on to that low GI rating. Grab a quick snack with a handful of cherries, or a plum on the go, and you’ll feel good and satiated.

5. Legumes

Specifically nuts or beans, legumes are great protein sources that outfit your system to go, go, go. Don’t go too crazy with them. Salty snacks can be too easy to eat too much of, so get unsalted or lightly salted and stick to less fatty nuts if at all possible.

6. Popcorn

This is really a fun one. Pop a bag of microwave or even do it on the stove. Mist it with olive oil, and you’re ready to rock. Don’t buy the pre-salted or buttered kind, or you’ll pay for it, but a light and filling snack can be a quick bag of popcorn to set you up for a few good hours of fullness.

7. Smoothies

These are also best for home, before work or afterwards, but mixing together nonfat milk, nonfat sugar free yogurt, some ice, and some orchard fruit, gives you a delicious drink you can take on the go, and will keep you packed with nutrients for your day.

8. Cereal

Another easy one for mornings, people are often surprised that cereal is pretty darn good for you. As long as you pick it right. Go for anything that’s 100 percent whole grain, and only eat it with soy milk, almond milk, or nonfat cows milk, and you’re set to jet.

9. Vegetables

With a GI that barely even registers, you almost can’t eat to many raw vegetables. Don’t try to, but just know that raw carrots, spinach, and broccoli are all great choices that you can feel good about snacking on throughout your day, with no guilt.

10. Dips

Not all dips, but some dips, can be great choices, especially to add that extra bit of protein, or to outfit those veggies from above. Stick to avocado dips, hummus, or tomato salsa for some extra fuel that doesn’t come with extra pounds. No mayonnaise in the dips; always use olive oil. Bring some veggies along and you’re good to go!

Happy eating!


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