10 Healthy Foods That Actually Make You Fat

You Thought they were Healthy? You’re Wrong!

Teas in a bottle

The bottle might read “health-tea”, but many bottled teas sold at groceries have high sugar or honey content. And since one bottle is equivalent to at least two servings or more, you also double the calorie count – to nearly 200 calories – might as well drink a bottle of soda.

Rice Cakes – you just can’t help them!

Rice cakes may be low in calories and are fat free, however they don’t have much protein or fiber content, which just simply curbs hunger, according to experts. Even if you just eat two or three of these yummy rice cakes that in reality have lots of sodium or sugar, they just add to the calories of your daily consumption plus leaving you craving for something more. Also, they only come in limited flavored types, so in the end they don’t really satisfy you.

Veggie Burgers – vegetables in a burger should be healthy, right?

Well if you avoid eating beef in your burger to prevent consuming cholesterol and fat may be okay, but this depends on the brand of veggie burger that you consume. What you think is healthy may actually be at least 1,000 calories worth. The size of these burgers plus the cheese that binds the veggies together are not at all diet-friendly. Throw in a bun plus ketchup; maybe you’d just prefer a quarter-pounder instead.

Juice – thirst-quenching and refreshing

If for the past year you’ve been taking in your fruit-serving goal in liquid form, this can explain why you can’t fit into this year’s suit! Find 55 grams of carbohydrates or the equivalent of five slices of bread in one 16-ounce bottle of apple juice or OJ. Oh, plus 12 spoonfuls of sugar.

Diet Microwave Meals to help you with your diet

These ready-to-eat dishes may be lean, but they are high in sodium (more commonly known to us as salt) to enhance their taste because manufacturers can’t go for calorie-rich fat for flavor. Since salt attracts and retains water, the end result is puffy arms and legs caused by water retention.

Salads – with your favorite dressing

Fresh, raw veggies are all good and healthy for you and your waist, but not the croutons, the shredded cheese, candied nuts and most especially your favorite dressing mixed with the veggies. All these extra toppings may well be found in a pasta plate. While vinaigrettes may sound a more healthy option, even nutritionists are quick to say that they may not be as fattening as ranch dressings, but their calorie content is also high.

Tofu – another healthy food made unhealthy

When you order tofu at a restaurant, expect it to be deep-fried and served in sauces and calories, sodium, saturated fat and sometimes even sugar. Tofu is a healthy food in itself, but since it is nearly tasteless, restaurants will always find a way to make it more palatable and tasty – at the same time destroying the healthiness in it.

White rice – makes you full and less hungry

Because brown rice contains fiber and white rice does not, one tends to eat more white rice than brown rice in order to feel satisfied. Fiber is what helps one feel full. Also, compared to whole wheat pasta, white pasta almost has no fiber and therefore less filling.

Splenda and other artificial sweeteners

The bad thing about artificial sweeteners is that it causes one to crave for more sweet foods. They may also compromise the good bacteria in your digestive system.

Diet soda – to satisfy the craving for regular soda

Contrary to what it’s supposed to be, every can of diet soda taken can actually increase the chances of being overweight by about 41 percent, according to researchers.

Eat smart!


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