New to Marathons?  Start Here

Running a marathon is a serious undertaking and should be planned well in advance.   Your first steps in any marathon training schedule should be:

First, talk to your doctor and get clearance to start out on your marathon training,

Second, buy a new set of running shoes. Go to your local running store and get a running style analysis for free. They will look at your running style and recommend shoes that will suit you and keep you injury free; and

Third, set your goal. Choose a race, sign up for it and tell your friends about the challenge.

Tips for your Marathon Training
  • Start Slow. Many people get carried away and try to push themselves on their marathon training program from the very start. Avoid this – it will lead to injuries.
  • Add 10% Weekly. As a general rule aim to increase your total running distance by a maximum of 10% per week.
  • Follow a Marathon Training Schedule. Track your goals, progress and achievements by following a marathon training schedule. This will help motivate you and help you steer clear of injury.
  • Rest and Recover. Do not run every day. Your body needs time to adapt to your marathon training program. Even once you’re far along in your training, your body still needs rest to recover and rebuild.
The Marathon Training Plan

Remember, you need a solid marathon training plan to get you over the finish line of a marathon. You need to gradually increase your training levels, work on running technique, flexibility and your overall nutrition.

Some of My Successful Athletes

Train smart, keep healthy and have a great time doing it!

Rick Kimbal

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